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William Bailey Travel Reviews the 2016 Olympics and How to Stay Safe if Traveling in Brazil

The 2016 Summer Olympics are almost here and for millions, plans have already been made. If you are one of the many travelers heading to Rio in 2016, there are many things you need to know before you go.

Rio de Janeiro is home to stunning beaches, spectacular sunsets and historic attractions, not to mention amazing people and wonderful food. Despite its upsides, this city, which is home to millions, can be challenging. From safety concerns to increased security and a surge of spectators, getting around and staying safe in Rio during the Olympics, needs to be considered early.  William Bailey Travel reviews what all travelers need to know about staying safe and getting around during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

For all travelers planning to visit Rio, the first thing to consider is getting in and out of the city and/or country. This information, as well as information regarding the U.S. Embassy location, can be found by visiting the U.S. Department of States’ country specific page for Brazil at

The next thing travelers need to consider is how to plan for the games themselves. Tickets to the Games in Rio can be found through resellers depending on your region. Spectators should begin by visiting the official site at for information about booking.  Note: In the U.S., the official authorized ticket seller is CoSport ( While it may be too late to book in many cases, there are still some tickets available. However, as with other major events, these too, will be gone soon. The same can be said for accommodations. Rio continues to add more accommodations in anticipation of the crowds however, travelers who have not already booked accommodations, need to do so right away.

Rio may not be an overtly dangerous place however, anytime there is a massive event taking place in a location, such as the Olympics, safety and security issues are a concern. 

Visitors need to plan on waiting in security lines, encountering the occasional pickpocket and the possibility of being overwhelmed at times. In general, travelers can avoid most safety concerns by staying in groups, avoiding poorly lit areas and not walking in the dark or more dangerous areas of the city. Other ways to avoid trouble include knowing the language, knowing where to go before going, and looking like a local.

The Olympics are truly one of the most memorable events in the world. An amazing time for all countries around the globe to get together, anyone can have a great time with a little planning and some consideration with regard to safety and security before they go.

Posted by on November 23, 2015.

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