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Pristine Agency Reviews Egypt Safety Concerns and How They Are Impacting Travel

Egypt has long benefited from tourism however, years of political unrest and now the recent Russian airline tragedy, are impacting travel, once again.

Just when things were starting to look up, in terms of tourism in Egypt, the tragic loss of Russian Metrojet Flight 9268, which is currently under investigation, has once again put a halt on mainstream tourism in and through this area of political unrest and terrorism. Pristine Agency reviews what these concerns mean for the country and those traveling, and how long this new crisis may last.
According to the Kremlin Chief of Staff, Moscow, has banned all flights to Egypt, likely for months, until the safety of these flights can once again be assured. The concern for many is that the crash was in fact, caused by terrorism. In an effort to find answers, the U.S. has offered its assistance in the investigation. According to the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, the offer to help was accepted, and the U.S. will soon be joining others in finding out what really happened to Flight 9268, which led to the death of over 260 people.
While the U.S. has not issued a travel warning or alert for travel to Egypt, many fear this crash and subsequent investigation, will further halt tourism from other countries as well, including the U.S.
Egypt welcomes millions of tourists from around the world each year for its natural and man-made wonders, many of which are considered some of the most significant in our world today. As historically significant and awe inspiring as the Sphinx, the pyramids, Mount Sinai and other sites are, fear and concern for one’s safety, are leading many to cancel or postpone travel to Egypt.
While tourism may not rank as one of the highest sources of GDP in Egypt, it still plays a significant role. While other countries around the globe benefit from an increased desire by millions to travel, Egypt seems to once again, be missing out. Even as political unrest had just begun to fade, a new threat in the form of possible terrorism, is raising the concerns of safety in this historic destination.
Those interested in traveling to Egypt or any other country outside of the U.S. are advised to visit the U.S. Department of State website at for more country specific information about travel.
Pristine Agency is a members-only travel service located in Henderson, Nevada, and offering members access to a wide array of travel benefits to destinations worldwide. 

Posted by on November 20, 2015.

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